Organic Material Design and Synthesis



Rational Design of NIR-II Emitting Conjugated Polymer Derived Nanoparticles for Image-Guided Cancer Interventions

Nikita Gill, Indrajit Srivastava, Joshua Tropp

Adv. Health. Mater., Accepted Articles, 2024

Conducting polymer nanoparticles with intrinsic aqueous dispersibility for conductive hydrogels

Joshua Tropp, Caralyn P. Collins, Xinran Xie, Rachel E. Daso, Abijeet Singh Mehta, Shiv P. Patel, Manideep M. Reddy, Sophia E. Levin, Cheng Sun, Jonathan Rivnay

Adv. Mater., vol. 36(1), 2024 Jan 1, p. 2306691

Organic Mixed Conductors for Electrochemical Transistors

Joshua Tropp, Dilara Meli, Jonathan Rivnay

Matter, vol. 6(10), 2023, pp. 3132-3164

Revealing the Impact of Molecular Weight on Mixed Conduction in Glycolated Polythiophenes Through Electrolyte Choice

Joshua Tropp*, Dilara Meli*, Ruiheng Wu, Bohan Xu, Samuel Hunt, Jason Azoulay, Bryan Paulsen, Jonathan Rivnay

ACS. Mater. Lett., vol. 5, 2023, pp. 1367-1375

Versatile Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) Polyelectrolytes for Bioelectronics by Incorporation of an Activated Ester

Joshua Tropp, Abijeet Mehta, Ruiheng Wu, Manideep Reddy, Shiv Patel, Anthony Petty, Jonathan Rivnay

Chem. Mater., vol. 35, 2022, pp. 41-50

The effect of residual palladium on the performance of organic electrochemical transistors

Sophie Griggs, Adam Marks, Dilara Meli, Gonzague Rebetezc, Olivier Bardagotc, Bryan D. Paulsen, Hu Chen, Karrie Weaver, Mohamad I. Nugrahag, Emily A. Schafer, Joshua Tropp, Catherine M. Aitchison, Thomas D. Anthopoulos, Natalie Banerji, Jonathan Rivnay, Iain McCulloch

Nature Communications, vol. 13, 2022, p. 7964

Design of biodegradable and biocompatible conjugated polymers for bioelectronics

Joshua Tropp, Jonathan Rivnay

Journal of Materials Chemistry C, vol. 9(39), 2021, pp. 13543-13556

Gold‐Catalyzed C− H Functionalization Polycondensation for the Synthesis of Aromatic Polymers

Eric R King, Joshua Tropp, Naresh Eedugurala, Lauren E Gonce, Sonia Stanciu, Jason D Azoulay

Angewandte Chemie, vol. 59(49), 2020, pp. 21971-21975

A high-spin ground-state donor-acceptor conjugated polymer

Alex E London, H Chen, MA Sabuj, Joshua Tropp, M Saghayezhian, Naresh Eedugurala, BA Zhang, Y Liu, Xiaodan Gu, BM Wong, N Rai, MK Bowman, Jason D Azoulay

Science advances, vol. 5(5), 2019, pp. eaav2336

Donor–acceptor polymers with tunable infrared photoresponse

Alexander E London, Lifeng Huang, Benjamin A Zhang, M Belén Oviedo, Joshua Tropp, Weichuan Yao, Zhenghui Wu, Bryan M Wong, Tse Nga Ng, Jason D Azoulay

Polymer Chemistry, vol. 8(19), 2017, pp. 2922-2930


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