I recently started as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Texas Tech University! My research interests are at the interface of polymer organic chemistry, material science, and biomedical engineering. 

This is my personal website; feel free to explore it. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a conversation, please reach out! A group website is coming soon.

Recent Publications (2023)

Conducting polymer nanoparticles with intrinsic aqueous dispersibility for conductive hydrogels

Joshua Tropp, Caralyn P. Collins, Xinran Xie, Rachel E. Daso, Abijeet Singh Mehta, Shiv P. Patel, Manideep M. Reddy, Sophia E. Levin, Cheng Sun, Jonathan Rivnay

Adv. Mater., Just Accepted, 2023

Organic Mixed Conductors for Electrochemical Transistors

Joshua Tropp, Dilara Meli, Jonathan Rivnay

Matter, vol. 6(10), 2023, pp. 3132-3164

Revealing the Impact of Molecular Weight on Mixed Conduction in Glycolated Polythiophenes Through Electrolyte Choice

Joshua Tropp*, Dilara Meli*, Ruiheng Wu, Bohan Xu, Samuel Hunt, Jason Azoulay, Bryan Paulsen, Jonathan Rivnay

ACS. Mater. Lett., vol. 5, 2023, pp. 1367-1375

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Recent News

Nov 28, 2023

MRS Fall 2023, Boston MA

Presentation Type: Onsite Oral Control ID: 3955920 Symposium: SB04: Conducting and Functional Hydrogels—From Materials to Devices Title: Acid-Crystallized PEDOT Nanoparticles: Scalable and Biocompatible Fillers for Highly Conductive Hydrogels Prese...

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Jun 17, 2023

15th International Symposium on Functional-pi Electron Systems, Raleigh NC

POSTER TITLE: PEDOT nanoparticles: A tool to enhance 3D charge percolation within conductive biomaterials

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Joshua Tropp


Chemistry & Biochemistry

Texas Tech University

ESB2 - Office 301C
1006 Canton Ave
Lubbock, TX 79409


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