Meet Josh

I obtained my ACS Certified B.A. in Chemistry from Washington & Jefferson College in 2011. I then moved to the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) for my graduate education under the supervision of Professor Jason D. Azoulay, where I studied the design and synthesis of pi-conjugated polymers for environmental sensing applications in the Gulf of Mexico. After completing my Ph.D. in Polymer Science & Engineering in 2020, I began my postdoctoral studies at the Center for Advanced Regenerative Engineering at Northwestern University under the guidance of Professor Jonathan Rivnay, where I synthesized electroactive biomaterials and organic mixed ionic-electronic conductors (OMIECs) for bioelectronic applications. In 2020 I was distinguished as a CAS Future Leader and in 2022 as a Future Faculty Scholar by ACS PMSE and a Rising Star in Soft and Biological Matter by the Universities of Chicago and San Diego. I recently started my career as research faculty at Texas Tech University in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

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